Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can you transplant an Oleander?

I have a white oleander that I'd like to transplant. It never bloomed this year, most likely because of lack of sun. Can they be transplanted safely? It is about three feet high. Is it best to transplant now, or wait until the spring?

Can you transplant an Oleander?
If you do get frost in your area, it is best to wait until that threat is gone. When you do trasnplant it make sure you prune the top. It will recover better. Because one can never get all the roots, one needs to compensate for the "root prune" by pruning the top too. If you don't, the top growth will probably wilt and stress the plant even more.

Good luck :-)
Reply:we transplanted ours and did wait until the lat fear of front in the spring.....plenty of water the first week and u can get some transplant shock treatment made by miracle grow that will help.....
Reply:you should always wait till spring to transplant.
Reply:Heavens YES..You need to check what zone you live in...I recommend

I have learned so much from this site..and there are always folks, including me, who love to help!

I live in South Texas and Oleanders are one of our most popular ornamental trees! There is a nursery in Corpus Christi..The man has patents on some of his trees..Turner's is the name of it!


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