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In the movie white oleander,what did astrid do with that guy ray when she visited him at work?

ray was the guy that lived in the trailer with that woman who shot astrid

In the movie white oleander,what did astrid do with that guy ray when she visited him at work?
in the movie, they didn't really do anything. in the book, however, they got it on....
Reply:Basically she visits ray at work and they say he eats her out and then she lays down for father so she has sex with him and thats why she gets shot!! Report It

Reply:no idea, but wait there was sex between the guy and the girl
Reply:yeah she did and rays gf found out and started a fight with her. i love the movie!
Reply:My girlfriend read the book. She said that she had sex with the guy. Also in the book, he was a lot older and less attractive than in the movie. I think she would get off of school and go see him pretty often, actually.

How poisonous is an oleander?

Oleander which refers either Nerium Oleander (the common version) and Thevetia peruviana (yellow oleander) is very toxic to both humans and animals alike. It does not matter if the plant is dried, wilting, or fresh the results to human or animal will be the same. Even the sap of this plant can cause skin allergies- so if you are transplanting your oleander wear gloves! Also burning the plant can cause breathing problems. However, the plant is not all bad. There has been research done with oleander in the areas of cancer and congestive heart failure. It is believed that long term use of oleander can have postive effects on certain types of cancer. Due to the highly toxic nature of this plant research is slow and reliable research on humans has yet to be performed.

On a personal note, i have oleander in my yard and a while back i had a chicken who loved to peck at and eat the oleander leaves. I tried shooing the chicken away from the plant everytime i saw her near it because i was afraid she would kill herself. But she just kept eating the plant and it didn't seem to have any ill effect on her. Who knows, maybe oleander doesn't effect chickens as much as it does other animals.

The smartest thing is to resist temptation to take a bite of the plant and just enjoy it for its beauty.

How poisonous is an oleander?
I wonder how many kids or deranged people are now going to try to poison someone/something with it. Congratulations.
Reply:Every part of the shrub is toxic. Always wash your hands after handling them.
Reply:It's toxic levels are too high even if consumed in small parts it can result in death.

All parts of the plant that is the leaves are also toxic whether dried or fresh

The symptoms are gastric irritation, death (sudden maybe)

What is the white oleander flower and were can it be located??

Just curious - are you asking this question because of the book/ movie of the same name?

The Latin name is Nerium oleander, and it is a Mediterranean native. Since it is incredibly tough and grows without summer water, it is very common in many locations in California, even in the median strips and alongside the freeways and Interstate highways. It comes in colors other than white, too. All parts of the plant are extremely toxic. Animals have died from eating just one leaf, and I have heard that using a twig from the oleander to roast a marshmallow can cause the marshmallow to become a deadly toxin.

Oleander plants are available at home and garden stores (like Home Depot) and plant nurseries in areas where it is hardy. You could also find online nurseries that sell it.

Personally, although I live in an area where oleanders grow quite well, I would never plant them, because I wouldn't want to run the risk of my animals or visiting children being poisoned.

What is the white oleander flower and were can it be located??
I have been told Oleanders are poisenous, if you have young children or pets, plz consider another type of plant, consult the nursery to be sure. Oleander practially grew wild when I lived in California years ago
Reply:I've seen Oleanders in white, pink and a darker pink, which is probably called red. They are tall, full, and used alot in landscaping, especially between traffic lanes in states like California, Arizona, Texas and Nevada. I believe they are poisonous, but fine if no one eats them. They should be easy to find in most garden centers.
Reply:Oh my goodness, I am in south Texas and white oleanders are every me if I can be of any help....
Reply:Galveston, Texas is known as the Oleander city.
Reply:A very common flower - The bushes usually line freeways and highways...More of a pest than a beauty

Oleander (Nerium oleander), is an evergreen shrub or small tree in the dogbane family Apocynaceae. It is the only species currently classified in the genus Nerium. Other names include Adelfa, Alheli Extranjero, Baladre, Espirradeira, Flor de Sao Jose, Laurel de jardin, Laurel rosa, Laurier rose, Flourier rose, Olean, Aiwa, Rosa Francesca, Rosa Laurel, and Rose-bay (Inchem 2005); in Chinese it is known as 夹竹桃 (jia zhu tao). The ancient city of Volubilis in North Africa took its name from the old Latin name for the flower.

Oleander shrub, MoroccoIt is native to a broad area from Morocco and Portugal eastward through the Mediterranean region and southern Asia to Yunnan in southern China (Flora Europaea; Flora of China; Huxley et al. 1992; It typically occurs around dry stream beds. It grows to 2-6 m tall, with spreading to erect branches. The leaves are in pairs or whorls of three, thick and leathery, dark green, narrow lanceolate, 5-21 cm long and 1-3.5 cm broad, and with an entire margin. The flowers grow in clusters at the end of each branch; they are white, pink or yellow, 2.5-5 cm diameter, with a deeply 5-lobed corolla with a fringe round the central corolla tube. They are often, but not always, sweetly scented. The fruit is a long narrow capsule 5-23 cm long, which splits open at maturity to release numerous downy seeds.

In the past, scented plants were sometimes treated as a distinct species N. odorum, but the character is not constant and it is no longer regarded as a separate taxon.
Reply:anywhere in florida nurseries. and it is a shrub


I have a pink oleander planted outside?

it is still putting out blooms but all these long things are growing out and i opened it and it's full of seeds, do I plant them now and if so should i plant outside or inside?

I have a pink oleander planted outside?
those will not grow just trim them back when they get too big
Reply:You should be able to sow them indoors; they need to be kept warm (70-75F). Germination takes 30-90 days, so be patient! You can also sow them outdoors in the spring. It's good to remember that ALL parts of the oleander plant are HIGHLY toxic, so keep seeds and plants away from children and pets.

the first advise you got is closer to the truth. if you want another plant, buy one. growing from seed is almost impossible and even should you be lucky enough to get the seed to sprout, baby oleander from seed takes forever to get growing. if everything is perfect, 3 years from now you will have a 6 inch tall, single stemmed plant ready to put into the ground. 3 years... 6 inches. for $5.00 or less you can get a nice 1 to 2 foot tall, well rooted, multiple stemmed plant ready to go. 3 years from now it could reach 7 to 10 feet tall.

7 to 10 feet or 6 inches. which do you want in 3 years?

Anybody who read white oleander?

All people who read white olaender?

i recently bought the book white olaender and i'm not finished but i really like it so far but in chapters 7-9 i think theres a lot of talk about making love and whores and sex does that continue throughout the book because if it does then i'm not interested in finishing it because i really don't like that sorta thing

but i really really want to finish it because so far it's great other than thoose couple of chapters i just want to know if they continue talking about it because i'd really like to finish it because the plot line is just AMAZING

Anybody who read white oleander?
It's been a few years since I read it but I'm pretty sure it doesn't continue throughout the whole novel. It's really minimal. I remember this book leaving me with mixed feelings while I was reading it because some of the things talked about are a little taboo but when I was finished I was glad I read it. It is a great book and well written. Keep reading, I think you'll be fine...but I don't know how old you are. I was 22 when I read it.

It's a great book but a little edgy.
Reply:turns out pretty weird. I did like the book %26amp; think that is was worth the read. I really did not care for the ending, But some times dissapointment works. This is not a perfect world,
Reply:Well, i saw the movie, and the movie isnt based on sex. That was just one thing she went through.


Have you seen White Oleander?

What did you think. I LOVED IT!!!! I thought it was excellent. Did you like it?

Have you seen White Oleander?
omg i loved it!!!!!!

the book is even 10x better..
Reply:It's an o.k. movie. It was sad that her mother ended up in jail %26amp; she kept bouncing from one foster home to another. The best foster home was the rich lady (Renee Zellwegger) not sure if that's how you spell her real name. LOL. but I wished the lady didn't kill herself, the girl would've had a better lifestyle. I also didn't like it when she was wearing black lipstick %26amp; looked like a punk rocker girl.
Reply:yes it was a good movie!
Reply:i did see it but i can't remember much of it, i was distracted when it was on cuzz we had company
Reply:yes its so awesome I love Lifetime movies^^

Isn't that one of those things you put vegetables and pasta into so that they can drain?
Reply:Er never seen it.

Besides avocados and oleander, which 'foods/products' are toxic to birds?

For example, I drop a piece of toast and go scatter it to the birds in the garden. What if it's buttered or has peanut butter on it. Can this harm them? Do they glean, naturally, what is toxic to them?

Besides avocados and oleander, which 'foods/products' are toxic to birds?
Cleaning products are bad for birds, like Febreeze and Arm and Hammer.

I'll give you the website where you can find foods and products that are bad for birds.
Reply:It is my understanding that native birds know what is harmful and what is not-- recently, I learned that some foods they eat which was bad for a certain group of parrots that they are able to eat the clay because they have such a fast digestive tract that it isn't in their bodies long enough for their bodies to absorb it.

They like peanut butter-- my children put peanut butter on pine cones and dipped it in birdseed and hung it outside and watched the birds come and eat it.

Keep feeding the birds-- chocolate is bad but who is going to share that w/ the birds!! right ?
Reply:Butter is too fatty for them but peanut butter in very small amounts is ok. Chocolate, alcohol, salty, fatty, and greasy foods should not be fed to birds.